viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

MUDDY WATERS / 1975 / The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album

>>> The Muddy Waters Woodstock Album. (1975) <<<

Muddy Waters: vocals & guitar
Pinetop Perkins: piano, additional vocals on 4 & 8
Paul Butterfield: harmonica
Bob Margolin: guitar
Garth Hudson: organ, accordion & saxophone
Levon Helm: drums & bass
Fred Carter: bass & guitar
Howard Johnson: saxophone.

1. Why are People Like That
2. Going Down to Main Street
3. Born With Nothing
4. Caldonia
5. Funny Sounds
6. Love, Deep as the Ocean
7. Let the Good Times Roll
8. Kansas City
9. Fox Squirrel (bonus track).

(Covers included)

2 comentarios:

KDNYfm dijo...

My personal favorite Mudy albums are the Johnny Winter/Blue Sky albums, but this ranks right up there for me!
Thanx for sharing!

emejota dijo...

OK... Thanks KDNYfm... Greetings. Be Happy!!! :)