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TALKING HEADS / 1980 / Remain in Light

>>> Remain in Light. (1980) <<<

David Byrne: lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals arr.
Jerry Harrison: guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Tina Weymouth: bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Chris Frantz: drums, percussion, keyboards, backing vocals.
Brian Eno: bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, vocal arr.
Nona Hendryx: backing vocals
Adrian Belew: guitar
Robert Palmer: percussion
Jose Rossy: percussion
Jon Hassell: trumpets, horn.

1. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
2. Crosseyed and Painless
3. The Great Curve
4. Once in a Lifetime
5. Houses in Motion
6. Seen and Not Seen
7. Listening Wind
8. The Overload.

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jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

THIN LIZZY / 1977 / Bad Reputation

>>> Bad Reputation. (1977) <<<

Philip Lynott: bass guitar, vocals, string machine, harp
Brian Robertson: lead guitar, voice box, keyboards
Scott Gorham: lead guitar, guitars
Brian Downey: drums, percussion.
Mary Hopkin-Visconti: backing vocals on 9
John Helliwell: sax & clarinet.

1. Soldier of Fortune
2. Bad Reputation
3. Opium Trail
4. Southbound
5. Dancing in the Moonlight (it's Caught Me in its Spotlight)
6. Killer Without a Cause
7. Downtown Sundown
8. That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart
9. Dear Lord.

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lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

TALKING HEADS / 1979 / Fear of Music

>>> Fear of Music. (1979) <<<

David Byrne: vocals & guitars
Jerry Harrison: guitars, keyboards & backing vocals
Tina Weymouth: bass guitar & backing vocals
Chris Frantz: drums.
Brian Eno: treatments & backing vocals (1)
The Sweetbreaths: backing vocals (7)
Julie Last: backing vocals (1)
Robert Fripp: guitar (1)
Ari: congas (1 & 5)
Gene Wilder: congas (1 & 5)
(info in Wikipedia) (?):
Hassam Ramzy: surdo (1)
Abdou M'Boup: djembé, talking drum (1)
Assane Thiam: percussion (1).

1. I Zimbra
2. Mind
3. Paper
4. Cities
5. Life During Wartime
6. Memories Can't Wait
7. Air
8. Heaven
9. Animals
10. Electric Guitar
11. Drugs.

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jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

GLENN MILLER / 1997 / The Gold Collection (2 CDs)

The Gold Collection. (1997)
>>> CD1 / CD2 <<<

Tracks CD1:
1. In the Mood
2. King Porter Stomp
3. Moonlight Serenade
4. Sunrise Serenade
5. Little Brown Jug
6. Pavanne
7. Over the Rainbow
8. Farewell Blues
9. Indian Summer
10. Ciribiribin
11. The Sky Fell Down
12. Star Dust
13. The Woodpecker Song
14. Tuxedo Junction
15. Danny Boy
16. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
17. Fools Rush in
18. My Blue Heaven
19. Blueberry Hill
20. Pennsylvannia 6-5000.

Tracks CD2:
1. Chattanooga Choo Choo
2. Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar
3. Somewhere
4. Frenesi
5. Song of the Volga Boatmen
6. Sun Valley Jump
7. A Little Old Church in England
8. Perfidia
9. Don't Cry Cherie
10. Take the "A" Train
11. You and I
12. It Happened in Sun Valley
13. The Kiss Polka
14. Delilah
15. Ev'rything I Love
16. A String of Pearls
17. Slumber Song
18. Elmer's Tune
19. White Cliffs of Dover
20. Moonlight Sonata.

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lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND / 1989 / Dreams (Set Box: 4 CDs)

Dreams (4 CD Edition)
>>> CD1 / CD2 / CD3 / CD4 <<<

Tracks CD1:
1. Shapes of Things (The Allman Joys)
2. Spoonful (Tha Allman Joys)
3. Crossroads (The Allman Joys)
4. Cast off All My Fears (The Hour Glass)
5. Down in Texas (The Hour Glass)
6. Ain't No Good to Cry (The Hour Glass)
7. BB King Medley (The Hour Glass)
8. Morning Dew (31st of February)
9. God Rest His Soul (31st of February)
10. I Feel Free (The Second Coming)
11. She Has Funny Cars (The Second Coming)
12. Goin' Down Slow (Duane Allman)
13. Dreams (Demo) (The Allman Brothers Band)
14. Don't Want You No More (The Allman Brothers Band)
15. It's Not My Cross to Bear (The Allman Brothers Band)
16. Trouble No More (The Allman Brothers Band)
17. Dreams (The Allman Brothers Band)

Tracks CD2:
1. Statesboro Blues (The Allman Brothers Band)
2. Hoochie Coochie Man (The Allman Brothers Band)
3. Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers Band)
4. Dimples (Live) (The Allman Brothers Band)
5. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town (Live) (The A. B. Band)
6. Revival (The Allman Brothers Band)
7. One More Ride (The Allman Brothers Band)
8. Whipping Post (Live) (The Allman Brothers Band)
9. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live) (The A. B. Band)
10. Drunken Hearted Boy (Live) (The A. B. Band)

Tracks CD3:
1. You Don't Love Me/Soul Serenade (The A. B. Band)
2. Blue Sky (The Allman Brothers Band)
3. Little Martha (The Allman Brothers Band)
4. Melissa (The Allman Brothers Band)
5. Ain't Wastin' Time No More (Live) (The A. B. Band)
6. Wasted Words (The Allman Brothers Band)
7. Ramblin' Man (The Allman Brothers Band)
8. Southbound (The Allman Brothers Band)
9. Jessica (The Allman Brothers Band)
10. Midnight Rider (Gregg Allman)
11. One Way Out (Live) (The Allman Brothers Band)
12. Long Time Gone (Dickey Betts)

Tracks CD4:
1. Can't Lose What You Never Had (The Allman Brothers Band)
2. Come and Go Blues (Gregg Allman)
3. Bougainvillea (Dickey Betts & Great Southern)
4. Can You Fool (with Cher) (Allman & Woman)
5. Good Time Feeling (Dickey Betts & Great Southern)
6. Crazy Love (The Allman Brothers Band)
7. Can't Take it With You (The Allman Brothers Band)
8. Just Ain't Easy (The Allman Brothers Band)
9. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Live) (The Allman Brothers Band)
10. Angeline (The Allman Brothers Band)
11. Things You Used to Do (The Allman Brothers Band)
12. Nancy (Dickey Betts)
13. Rain (Gregg Allman)
14. I'm No Angel (The Gregg Allman Band)
15. Demons (The Gregg Allman Band)
16. Duane's Tune (The Dickey Betts Band).

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miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012

THE MONDO / 1997

>>> The Mondo. (1997) <<<

Este disco lo encontré por ahí, de segunda mano... Es una banda llamada The Mondo, que según créditos, son de Segovia (España)... Y poco más... Ni siquiera estoy seguro de la fecha de publicación... En fin, si alguien sabe algo más, por favor, coméntenlo... Gracias... :)
(Ah... he dejado un temita en el reproductor... Ahí arriba.)

Gracias al amigo Amer por dejar información sobre este grupo, actualmente llamado Electropelvis, en los comentarios... He cambiado la fecha del disco y también les adjunto el link proporcionado por este amigo...


Alberto Sanz: batería y coros
Rodrigo Muñoz: percusión y coros
Roberto López: bajo
Ignacio Pacheco: teclados y coros
Oscar Velasco: guitarra y voz.
Alonso Monroy: colaboración y coros en 2.

1. Woman
2. For the Benefit of David
3. I've Been Working
4. We Love to Fuck
5. M.A.D.
6. Another Kind of Song
7. Exterminator
8. Some Dreams.

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sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

DEEP PURPLE / 1976 / Made in Europe

>>> Made in Europe. (1976) <<<

David Coverdale: vocals
Ritchie Blackmore: lead guitar
Jon Lord: Hammond organ & keyboards
Glenn Hughes: bass guitar & vocals
Ian Paice: drums.

1. Burn
2. Mistreated (interpolating Rock Me Baby)
3. Lady Double Dealer
4. You Fool No One
5. Stormbringer.

(Covers included)