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Jeff Beck: guitar
Mike Sanchez: vocals
Ian Jennings: bass
Adrian Utley: rhythm guitar
Clive Deamer: drums.
Saxophones on 12:
Leo Green: tenor & solo
Nick Lunt: baritone
Piano on 9 & 12:
Mike Sanchez.

1. Race With the Devil
2. Cruisin'
3. Crazy Legs
4. Double Talkin' Baby
5. Woman Love
6. Lotta Lovin'
7. Catman
8. Pink Thunderbird
9. Baby Blue
10. You Better Believe
11. Who Slapped John?
12. Say Mama
13. Red Blue Jeans and a Pony Tail
14. Five Feet of Lovin'
15. B-I-Bickey-Bi-Bo-Bo-Go
16. Blues Stay Away from Me
17. Pretty Pretty Baby
18. Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me.

(Covers included)


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BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS / 1977 (2007) / Exodus (30th Anniversary Limited Edition CD/DVD Set) DVDrip-AVI

>>> CD: Exodus (1977)  <<<
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 <<<

CD Credits:
Recorded at the Fallout Shelter, London, January-February 1977.

Bob Marley: lead vocal, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion
Aston "Family Man" Barrett: bass guitar, guitar, percussion
Carlton Barrett: drums, percussion
Tyrone Downie: keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Alvin "Seeco" Patterson: percussion
Julian "Junior" Marvin: lead guitar
David Maden: trumpet
Glen Da Costa: saxophone
Vin Gordon: trombone
Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths & Judy Mowatt (The I Threes): backing vocals.

Tracks (CD):
1. Natural Mystic
2. So Much Things to Say
3. Guiltiness
4. The Heathen
5. Exodus
6. Jamming
7. Waiting in Vain
8. Turn Your Lights Down Low
9. Three Little Birds
10. One Love/People Get Ready.

DVD Credits:
Recorded live in June 1977 at the Rainbow Theatre, London, England.

Bob Marley: vocals, rhythm guitar
Julian "Junior" Marvin: lead guitar
Tyrone Downie: keyboards
Aston "Family Man" Barrett: bass
Carlton Barrett: drums
Alvin "Seeco" Patterson: percussion
David Madden: trumpet
Glen Da Costa: saxophone
Vin Gordon: trombone
Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths & Judy Mowatt (The I Threes): backing vocals.

Tracks (DVD):
1. Trenchtown Rock
2. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)
5. Lively Up Yourself
6. Crazy Baldhead
7. War/No More Trouble
8. The Heathen
9. No Woman No Cry
10. Jamming
11. Get Up, Stand Up
12. Exodus.

(Covers included)

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DEAD KENNEDYS / 1981-82 / Plastic Surgery Disasters & In God We Trust, INC.

Jello Biafra: vocals
East Bay Ray: guitar
Klaus Flouride: bass
D.H. Peligro: drums.

(Plastic Surgery Disasters):
1. Advice from Christmas Past
2. Government Flu
3. Terminal Preppie
4. Trust Your Mechanic
5. Well Paid Scientist
6. Buzzbomb
7. Forest Fire
8. Halloween
9. Winnebago Warrior
10. Riot
11. Bleed for
12. I Am the Owl
13. Dead End
14. Moon Over Marin.

(In God We Trust, INC. EP"12):
15. Religious Vomit
16. Moral Majority
17. Hyperactive Child
18. Kepone Factory
19. Dog Bite
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
21. We've Got a Bigger Problem Now
22. Rawhide.

(Covers included)


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IGGY POP & THE STOOGES / 2000 / Raw Power (Compilation)

In the beginning there was Iggy Stooge...
These recordings, all dating from 1972, give an amazing insight into one of the world's most bizarre bands rehearsing in the studio, in private, away from the media and the fans expectations of blood and outrage. This album is a collection of tracks from The Stooges as they really were in 1972 as Iggy and the band were developing and refining their unique and highly influential sound and makes a valuable addition to any Stooges collection. Specific dates for the recording sessions are unclear due to the state of mind and body that the band members were in during their early seventies reign of terror.
(Text in CD).

Iggy Pop: vocals
James Williamson: guitar
Ron Asheton: bass
Scott Asheton: drums
Scott Thurston & Bob Sheff: keyboards.

1. Head On
2. Death Trip
3. I Got a Right
4. Hard to Beat
5. Cock in My Pocket
6. Rubber Legs
7. Johanna
8. Pin Point Eyes
9. Open Up & Bleed
10. Raw Power.

(Covers included)

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WAYNE SHORTER / 1964 / Speak No Evil

Recorded on December 24, 1964 at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Freddie Hubbard: trumpet
Wayne Shorter: tenor sax
Herbie Hancock: piano
Ron Carter: bass
Elvin Jones: drums.

1. Witch Hunt
2. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
3. Dance Cadaverous
4. Speak No Evil
5. Infant Eyes
6. Wild Flower
7. Dance Cadaverous (alt. take).

(Covers included)


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TOMMY DORSEY and HIS ORCHESTRA featuring FRANK SINATRA / 1963 (1940's) / (Vinyl Rip)

Recorded in 1940's.

(Vinyl Rip.)

1. I'll Buy That Dream (vocal)
2. Mexican Hat Dance
3. I've Got a Restless Spell (vocal)
4. Arab Dance
5. There a Chance for Me (vocal)
6. I'll Never Smile Again (vocal)
7. Juba Dance
8. Spanish Dance
9. Without a Song (vocal)
10. Anitra's Dance.

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CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND / 1974 / Bluejeans & Moonbeams

Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart): vocals, harmonica
Ira Ingber: bass
Gene Pello: drums
Mark Gibbons: keyboards
Dean Smith: guitars
Michael Smotherman: backing vocals, keyboards
Jimmy Caravan: keyboards
Ty Grimes: percussion
Bob West: bass (3).

1. Party of Special Things to Do
2. Same Old Blues (JJ Cale)
3. Observatory Crest
4. Pompadour Swamp
5. Captain's Holiday
6. Rock'n Roll's Evil Doll
7. Further Than We've Gone
8. Twist Ah Luck
9. Bluejeans and Moonbeams.

(Covers included)


viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND / 1974 / Unconditionally Guaranteed

Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart): vocals, harmonica
Zoot Horn Rollo: guitar & glass finger guitar
Mark Marcellino: keyboards
Rockette Morton: bass
Art Tripp: drums & percussion.

1. Upon the My-O-My
2. Sugar Bowl
3. New Electric Ride
4. Magic Be
5. Happy Love Song
6. Full Moon, Hot Sun
7. I Got Love On My Mind
8. This is the Day
9. Lazy Music
10. Peaches.

(Covers included)


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MILES DAVIS / 1953-54 / Blue Haze

Recorded on May 19, 1953; March 15 and April 3, 1954.

Miles Davis: trumpet
Davey Schildkraut: alto sax
John Lewis, Horace Silver, Charles Mingus: piano
Percy Heath: bass
Max Roach, Art Blakey, Kenny Clarke: drums.

1. I'll Remember April
2. Four
3. Old Devil Moon
4. Smooch
5. Blue Haze
6. When Lights are Low
7. Tune-Up
8. Miles Ahead.

(Covers included)


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LESTER YOUNG / 1999 / Lester Dreams

>>> Lester Dreams. (1999) <<<

(Reup by petition / New Link)

Legendary Recordings with Count Basie combos.

1. Shoe Shine Boy
2. Evenin'
3. Boogie Woogie (I May be Wrong)
4. Lady, be Good
5. I've Found a New Baby
6. Mortgage Stomp
7. Blues With Helen
8. Don't be That Way
9. Song of the Wanderer
10. Allez Oop
11. You Can Depend On Me
12. I Ain't Got Nobody
13. Goin' to Chicago
14. (Let Me) Live and Love Tonight
15. Love Me or Leave Me
16. Dickie's Dream
17. Lester Leaps
18. Blue Lester
19. Jump Lester Jump
20. Ghost of a Chance
21. Indiana
22. Ad-Lib Blues.

(Covers included)

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LOU REED / 1983 / A Night With Lou Reed (DVDrip-avi)

A Night With Lou Reed (1983)
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 <<<

Recorded live at The Bottom Line, N.Y.C., 1983.

Lou Reed: vocals & guitar
Robert Quine: guitar
Fernando Saunders: bass
Fred Maher: drums.

1. Sweet Jane
2. Waiting for the Man
3. Martial Law
4. Don't Talk to Me About Work
5. Women
6. Waves of Fear
7. Wild Side
8. Turn Out the Lights
9. New Age
10. Kill Your Sons
11. Satellite of Love
12. White Light / White Heat
13. Rock 'n' Roll.

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND / 1989 / The Best of The Velvet Underground

(Reup / New Link)

Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Nico, Doug Yule.

1. I'm Waiting for the Man
2. Femme Fatale
3. Run Run Run
4. Heroin
5. All Tomorrow's Parties
6. I'll be Your Mirror
7. White Light / White Heat
8. Stephanie Says
9. What Goes On
10. Beginning to See the Light
11. Pale Blue Eyes
12. I Can't Stand it
13. Lisa Says
14. Sweet Jane
15. Rock and Roll.

(Covers includes)


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LEE RITENOUR / 1993 / Wes Bound

Lee Ritenour 
Bob James, Melvin Davis, Harvey Mason, Dave Witham, Gary Novak, Ronnie Foster, Aaron Smith, Cassio Duarte, John Beasley, John Patitucci, Alan Broadbent, Steve Gadd... etc, etc...

1. Wes Bound (Lee Ritenour)
2. Boss City (Wes Montgomery)
3. 4 On 6 (W. M.)
4. A Little Bumpin' (L. R.)
5. Waiting in Vain ( Bob Marley)
6. Goin' On to Detroit (W. M.)
7. A New Day (L. R.)
8. Ocean Ave. (L. R.)
9. Road Song (W. M.)
10. West Coast Blues (W. M.)
11. N.Y. Time (L. R.)

(Covers included)


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BENNY CARTER / 1977 / Live and Well in Japan! (Ripped from Vinyl Album)

 >>> Live and Well in Japan! (1977) <<<
(Ripped from Vinyl Album: 2 mp3 archives).

Recorded live in April 29, 1977 at The Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo.
Benny Carter: alto sax & trumpet
Budd Johnson: tenor & soprano saxes
Cecil Payne: baritone sax & flute
Cat Anderson, Joe Newman: trumpets
Britt Woodman: trombon
Nat Pierce: piano
Mundell Lowe: guitar
George Duvivier: bass
Harold Jones: drums.

Side One:
1. Squaty Roo
2. Tribute to Louis Armstrong
     a) When it's Sleepy Time Down South
     b) Confessin' That I Love You
     c) When You're Smiling.

Side Two:
1. Them There Eyes
2. It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got That Swing).


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THE CLASH / 2008 / Live (DVDrip-avi)

The Clash Live
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 <<<

Joe Strummer: guitar, vocals
Mick Jones: guitar, vocals
Paul Simonon: bass, vocals
Topper Headon: drums.

1. Complete Control
2. I Fought the Law (London Lyceum '79)
3. Police & Thieves (Munich '77)
4. What's My Name (Manchester Elizabethan Suite '77)
5. Capitol Radio One (Manchester Elizabethan Suite '77)
6. White Riot 
7. I'm So Bored With the U.S.A. (Manchester Apollo '77)
8. London's Burning (London Victoria Park '78)
9. 1977
10. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Glasgow Apollo '78)
11. Tommy Gun
12. Safe European Home (London Music Machine '78)
13. London Calling (Bonds International Casino '81)
14. Clampdown (Lewisham Odeon '80)
15. The Guns of Brixton (Friday's '80)
16. Train in Vain (Lewishan Odeon '80)
17. This is Radio Clash (Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder '81)
18. The Magnificent Seven (Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder '81)
19. Brand New Cadillac (Tokyo Sun Plaza Hall '82)
20. Should I Stay or Should I Go (Shea Stadium '82)
21. Know Your Rights (US Festival '83)
22. Career Opportunities (Shea Stadium '82).

(DVD covers included)

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JOE HENDERSON / 1963 / Page One

Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on June 3, 1963.

Kenny Dorham: trumpet
Joe Henderson: tenor sax
McCoy Tyner: piano
Butch Warren: bass
Pete La Roca: drums.

1. Blue Bossa
2. La Mesha
3. Homestretch
4. Recorda Me
5. Jinrikisha
6. Out of the Night.

(Covers included)


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CHET BAKER / 1957 / Embraceable You

Recorded in New York City on December 9, 1957.

Chet Baker: vocal & trumpet
David Wheat: guitar
Ross Savakus: bass.

1. The Night We Called it a Day
2. Little Girl Blue (Instrumental Version)
3. Embraceable You
4. They All Laughed
5. There's a Lull in My Life
6. What is There to Stay
7. While My Lady Sleeps
8. Forgetful
9. How Long Has This Been Going On
10. Come Rain or Come Shine
11. On Green Dolphin Street
12. Little Girl Blue (Vocal Version)
13. Trav'lin' Light.

(Covers included)


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El "Estado" de la nación en clave de cuernos / Lucas León Simón / Tomado de su blog


La “Fiesta” nacional sigue en plena crisis. El escalafón, encabezado por un  diestro tramposo y marrullero, “La Trotona de Pontevedra”,  ha desarrollado una temporada de bajo nivel donde han abundado los toros devueltos al corral, los achuchones y las broncas desde el tendido.
La gran corrida de la Beneficencia, celebrada el pasado 1 de agosto en el ruedo del Senado terminó como el Rosario de la Aurora, y a “la Trotona” le dieron los tres avisos en la lidia del morlaco “Bárcenas”, un miura corniveleto y con mucha leña en sus astas, al que le hizo una faena de aliño, con mucho miedo y menos vergüenza.
 Su peón de confianza, Soraya Sáenz, “Barby de Fachadolid”, maniobró desde las tablas para provocar los derrotes del astado, bien auxiliada en su tramposa tarea por una cuadrilla sin empaque, donde los picadores, Luis de Guindos, “El Mercados”, y Cristóbal Montoro, “El Recortes”, barrenaron a conciencia entre las protestas del respetable.
Todo se produjo ante la complacencia del presidente, Jesús Posada, “Chiquito de Franco” y de su asesora, Celia Villalobos, “La Verdulera”, que tienen una peculiar manera de entender la “fiesta”, y que permiten y alientan todas las trampas, tretas y meteduras de pico de los espadas.
Por otra parte, el ganado de Los Gurteles sigue abasteciendo los ruedos nacionales, aunque la cuadrilla de los Bomberos Toreros, compuesta por Rafael Hernando, “Hitlerito de Almería”,  Alfonso Alonso, “Guerrita de Vitoria”, y Carlos Floriano, “Cagancho”, intenta que una desacreditada ganadería andaluza, “Los Eres”, que pasta en los terrenos de “El Pelotazo”, tome protagonismo, alentado por la mujer torera, Mercedes Alaya, “Justiciera del PP”.
Otras mujeres toreras como, Fátima Báñez, “La Niña de las Monjas” y Ana Mato, “La Copagos”, vienen arrastrándose por los ruedos a base de bajonazos y subidas al olivo, puyazos al trabajador o la Sanidad Pública, siempre superadas negativamente por José Ignacio Wert, “Carnicerito de la Cultura”, mozo de estoques de la Educación (mala), que está encargado de llevarle el botijo al “maestro”.
Con pocas facultades y recursos en sus devociones toreras andan Alberto Ruiz, “Fachardón”, que ha banderilleado con feo estilo a los vitorinos “Tasas” y “Aborto”; la defensora del aficionaó, Soledad Becerril, “La Marquesa”, que, voluntariamente, se ha rebajado de categoría, y José Manuel García Margallo, “El Gibraltares” que nos han dado el verano y las moscas de la temporada.
 Mientras, la banda de payasos toreros  de “El Empastre de Génova”, que lidera Dolores de Cospedal, “La Diferida”, sigue provocando la carcajada en los ruedos en la lidia de sus “becerros” y la ganadería de monseñor Rouco Varela sigue sin pagar un duro de impuestos, pese a lo caras que están las entradas para los tendidos de “sol”.
Los diestros de otras empresas, como Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, “El Calambres”, Arturo Más, “El Consultas” o Cayo Lara, “Carrillito de la Mancha”, tienen pocas ocasiones de lucimiento ante la bronca y el bochorno que provocan las “faenas” de los diestros que mandan, cortos de estatura y que sólo saben torear con la derecha para los aficionados con sombrero de la Banca, que ocupan las barreras de sombra.
Y el Borbón no sale de la enfermería de la plaza.
Se ruega a los aficionados no dejen de abroncar a los toreros.

(Tomo éste texto prestado porque me ha parecido divertido, a la par que original y porque soy otro más que está hasta los cuernos de tanto chanchullo y tanto chanchullero... Por otra parte los toros no me gustan: Que conste).
Gracias señor Lucas León Simón.

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SONNY ROLLINS / 1987 / Vol. 2

>>> Vol. 2 (1987) <<<

Jay Jay Johnson: trombone
Sonny Rollins: piano
Horace Silver & Thelonius Monk: piano
Paul Chambers: bass
Art Blakey: drums.

1. Why Don't I
2. Wail March
3. Misterioso
4. Reflections
5. You Stepped Out of Dream
6. Poor Burtefly.

(Covers included)


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>>> Home (1990) <<<

(Reupload by petition / Resubido a petición)

Liam Ó Maonlaí: vocals, piano, Hammond organ, bodhran
Fiachna Ó Braonáin: guitar, electric & acoustic bass on 6, vocals
Peter O'Toole: bass guitar on 6, bouzouki, mandolin, vocals
Leo Barnes: saxophones, Hammond organ, vocals
Jerry Fehily: drums, percussion, vocals
other musicians.

1. Hardstone City
2. Give it Up
3. Christchurch Bells
4. Sweet Marie
5. Giving it All Away
6. Shut Up and Listen
7. I Can See Clearly Now
8. Movies
9. Eyes Wide Open
10. Water
11. Home
12. Trying to Get Through
13. Dance to the Storm
14. Seoladh na nGamhna.

(Covers included)


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WISHBONE ASH / 1983 / 25th Anniversary of the Marquee (DVDrip-AVI)

25th Anniversary of the Marquee
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 <<<

(Reupload: New links / Resubido: Nuevos enlaces)
Recorded 23rd February, 1983, at The Marquee Club, London.

Steve Upton: drums
Laurie Wisefield: guitar, vocals
Andy Powell: guitar, vocals
Trevor Boulder: bass, vocals.

1. Can't Fight Love
2. Living Proof
3. Open Road
4. No More Lonely Nights
5. Underground
6. King Will Come
7. Phoenix
8. Engine Overheat.

(DVD covers included)

lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

RITA MARLEY, IGNACIO SCOLA & GREGORIO PANIAGUA / 1995 / Spectacles for Tribuffalos

(Reupload / Resubido a petición)

1. Lady Bellows
2. Behaving Like Two Fools
3. Navigation
4. Miracles Baby
5. The Sunshine Song
6. If You are Afraid
7. Buby's Charles
8. Like So Many Years Before
9. Equis Pototia
10. Yellow Cab
11. Fish Blues
12. What are You Dreaming of?.

(Covers included)

miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

JOHN COLTRANE / 1991 / Conceptions

Recorded in 1961 & 1963.

John Coltrane: tenor & soprano saxophones
McCoy Tyner: piano
Jimmy Garrison: bass
Elvin Jones: drums
Eric Dolphy: alto saxophone & bass clarinet (2,5 & 6).

1. Afro Blue
2. Naima
3. The Promise
4. Everytime We Say Goodbye
5. Impressions
6. Blue Train
7. The Inch Worm.

(Covers included)


miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

TINA BROOKS / 1960 / True Blue

Recording at the Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey on June 25, 1960.

Freddie Hubbard: trumpet
Tina Brooks: tenor sax
Duke Jordan: piano
Sam Jones: bass
Art Taylor: drums.

1. Good Old Soul
2. Up Tight's Creek
3. Theme for Doris
4. True Blue
5. Miss Hazel
6. Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You.

(Covers included)


viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

LED ZEPPELIN / 2003 / Led Zeppelin 2 DVD Set (DVDrip-avi)

Led Zeppelin 2 DVD Set. (2003)

Reupload / Resubido a petición (Nuevos enlaces / New links)

DVD 1:
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7  / Part 8 <<<

DVD 2:
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 <<<

Robert Plant: vocals & harmonica
Jimmy Page: electric & acoustic guitars
John Paul Jones: bass guitar, keyboards & mandolin
John Bonham: drums & percussion.

DVD One:
**Live At The Royal Albert Hall (1970)**
1. We're Gonna Groove
2. I Can't Quit You Baby
3. Dazed and Confused
4. White Summer
5. What is and What Should Never be
6. How Many More Times
7. Moby Dick
8. Whole Lotta Love
9. Communication Breakdown
10. C'mon Everybody
11. Something Else
12. Bring it On Home.
Danmarks Radio
Tous En Scène.

DVD Two:
**Immigrant Song (1972).**

**Madison Square Garden (1973)**
1. Black Dog
2. Misty Mountain Hop
3. Since I've been Loving You
4. The Ocean.

**Earls Court (1975)**
1. Going to California
2. That's the Way
3. Bron Yr Aur Stomp
4. In My Time of Dying
5. Trampled Underfoot
6. Stairway to Heaven.

**Knebworth (1979)**
1. Rock and Roll
2. Nobody's Fault Buy Mine
3. Sick Again
4. Achilles Last Stand
5. In the Evening
6. Kashmir
7. Whole Lotta Love.
NYC Press Conference (with spanish subtitles)
Down Under
The Old Grey Whistle Test (Interview with R. Plant-w. spanish subtitles)

(Complete DVD covers included)

domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

NEIL YOUNG / 2000 / Silver & Gold

Ben Keith: steel guitar
Jim Keltner: drums
Oscar Butterworth: drums (4 & 5)
Spooner Oldham: piano & organ
Duck Dunn: bass
Neil Young: guitar, piano, harp & vocals
EmmyLou Harris, Linda Rondstadt & Ben Keith: additional vocals.

1. Good to See You
2. Silver & Gold
3. Daddy Went Walkin'
4. Buffalo Springfield Again
5. The Great Divide
6. Horses Hoe Man
7. Red Sun
8. Distant Camera
9. Razor Love
10. Without Rings.

(Covers included)


martes, 2 de julio de 2013

V. M. / 2005 / Magic Time

1. Stranded
2. Celtic New Year
3. Keep Mediocrity at Bay
4. Evening Train
5. This Love of Mine
6. Just Like Greta
7. Gypsy in My Soul
8. Lonely and Blue
9. The Lion This Time
10. Magic Time
11. They Sould Me Out
12. Carry On Regardless.

(Covers included)


sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

BUDDY DE FRANCO & OSCAR PETERSON / 1954 / Play George Gershwin

Recorded December 1954.

Buddy De Franco: clarinet
Oscar Peterson: piano
with orchestra
Herb Ellis: guitar
Ray Brown: bass
Bobby White: drums
Russel Garcia: arrengement & conductor.

1. I Wants to Stay Here
2. I Was Doing All Right
3. 'S Wonderful
4. Bess, You is My Woman Now
5. Strike Up the Band
6. They Can't Take That Away from Me
7. The Man I Love
8. I Got Rhythm
9. Someone to Watch Over Me
10. It Ain't Necessarily
11. I Want to Stay Here (alt. take)
12. Someone to Watch Over Me (alt. take).

(Covers included)


martes, 4 de junio de 2013

FRANK SINATRA / 1955 / In the Wee Small Hours

1. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
2. Mood Indigo
3. Glad to be Unhappy
4. I Get Along Without You Very Well
5. Deep in a Dream
6. I See Your Face Before Me
7. Can't We be Friends?
8. When Your Lover Has Gone
9. What is This Thing Called Love
10. Last Night When We Were Young
11. I'll be Around
12. Ill Wind
13. It Never Entered My Mind
14. Dancing On the Ceiling
15. I'll Never be the Same
16. This Love of Mine.

(Covers included)


viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

THE DOORS / Live in Europe 1968 (DVDrip-AVI)

Live in Europe 1968

Filmed during their European Tour in 1968... This collection of rare live performances is introduced and narrated by Paul Kantner and Grace Slick...

Jim Morrison: Vocals
John Densmore: Drums
Robby Krieger: Guitar
Ray Manzarek: Keyboards.

1. Light My Fire / Main Tittle
2. Love Me Two Times
3. Back Door Man
4. Spanish Caravan
5. Hello, I Love You
6. When the Music's Over
7. Unknown Soldier
8. Light My Fire (II)
9. Five to One
10. Alabama Song.

(DVD Covers included)

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

ERIC CLAPTON / 1977 / Slowhand

1. Cocaine
2. Wonderful Tonight
3. Lay Down Sally
4. Next Time You See Her
5. We, re All the Way
6. The Core
7. May You Never
8. Mean Old Frisco
9. Peaches and Diesel.

(Covers included)


sábado, 27 de abril de 2013

GRANT GREEN / 1961 / Green Street

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on April 1, 1961.

Grant Green: guitar
Ben Tucker: bass
Dave Bailey: drums.

1. No. 1 Green Street
2. 'Round About Midnight
3. Grant's Dimensions
4. Green With Envy
5. Alone Together
6. Green With Envy (alt take)
7. Alone Together (alt take).

(Covers included)


miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013

ZOOT SIMS & HENRI RENAUD / 2000 / Jazz in Paris

Tracks (1 to 4):
1. Charlie Went to Cherbourg
2. Crazy Rhythm
3. I've Found a New Baby
4. Charlie Was in Rouen

Recorded March 15, 1956 in Paris
Reissue of the Club Français du Disque 10" LP 95.

Jon Eardley: trumpet
Zoot Sims: tenor saxophone
Henri Renaud: piano
Eddie de Hass: double bass
Charles Saudrais: drums.

Tracks (5 to 10):
5. Venez Donc Chez Moi
6. Stompin' at the Savoy
7. Pinch Bottle
8. Pot Luck
9. Out of Nowhere
10. I'll Take Romance.

Recorded February 15, 1952 at "The Boeuf Sur le Toit", Paris
Reissue of the Blue Star 10" LP 6831.

Jean Liesse: trumpet
Nat Peck: trombone
Philippe Benson: alto saxophone
Sandy Mosse, André Ross: tenor saxophones
Jean-Louis Chautemps: baritone saxophone
Henri Renaud, Bernard Peiffer (6): piano
Fats Sadi: vibraphone
Jimmy Gourley: guitar
Benoit Quersin: double bass
Pierre Lemarchand, Jean-Louis Viale (6, 9): drums
Francy Boland: arrangements.

(Covers included)

miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

JETHRO TULL / 2003 / A New Day Yesterday: The 25th Anniversary Collection 1969-1994 (DVDrip-AVI)

A New Day Yesterday
(The 25th Anniversary Collection 1969-1994)
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 <<<

 Plus excerpts from:
Living in the Past (Brussels 1993)
Nothing is Easy (Isle of Wight 1970)
25th Anniversary Reunion
Teacher (French TV 1970)
The Witch's Promise (BBC Top of the Pops 1970)
The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles 1973
Minstrel in the Gallery (Paris 1975)
Aqualung (BBC Sight and Sound 1977)
Thick As a Brick (Rehearsal 1992)
Thick As a Brick (Madison Square Garden, NY 1978)
Songs from the Wood (London 1980)
Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Died (promo video 1980)
Kissing Willie (promo video 1989)
Rehearsals for the 25th Anniversary tour
Rocks On the Road (promo video 1991)
A New Day Yesterday (Brussels 1993)
Hidden bonus track:
The Witch's Promise (French TV).

(DVD Covers included)

sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

THE STEVE MILLER BAND / 1981 / Circle of Love

Byron Allred: keyboards
Garry Mallaber: drums & percussion
Gerald Johnson: bass
Steve Miller: guitar & vocals.

1. Heart Like a Wheel
2. Get On Home
3. Circle of Love
4. Baby Wanna Dance
5. Macho City.

(Covers included)


jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

THE HORACE SILVER QUINTET / 1963-64 / Song for My Father (Cantiga para meu pai)

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on October 31, 1963, January 28, 1964 and October 26, 1964.
Cover photo of John Tavares Silver (Horace Silver's father) by Francis Wolff.

Carmell Jones: trumpet
Joe Henderson: tenor sax
Horace Silver: piano
Teddy Smith: bass
Roger Humphries: drums
Blue Mitchell: trumpet
Junior Cook: tenor sax
Horace Silver: piano
Gene Taylor: bass
Roy Brooks: drums.

1) Song for My Father
2) The Natives are Restless Tonight
3) Calcutta Cutie
4) Que Pasa
5) The Kicker
6) Lonely Woman
7) Sanctimonius Sam
8) Que Pasa (trio version)
9) Sighin' and Cryin'
10) Silver Treads Among My Soul.

(Covers included)


jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

BEN WEBSTER and SWEETS EDISON / 1962 / Ben and Sweets

Recorded on June 6 & 7, 1962 at the Columbia 30th Street Studio in New York City.

Harry "Sweets" Edison: trumpet
Ben Webster: saxophone
Hank Jones: piano
George Duvivier: bass
Clarence Johnston: drums.

1. Better Go
2. How Long Has This Been Going On
3. Kitty
4. My Romance
5. Did You Call Her Today
6. Embraceable You.

(Covers included)


domingo, 24 de febrero de 2013

PATTI SMITH / 1975 / Horses

>>> Horses (1975) <<<

Patti Smith
Richard Sohl: piano
Lenny Kaye: lead guitar
Ivan Kral: guitar, bass
Jay Dee Daugherty: drums
Tom Verlaine: guitars (6)
Allen Lanier: guitars (8) & Producer (9)
John Cale: Record Producer & bass on 9
Ivan Kral: additional vocals (9).

1. Gloria in Excelsis Deo / Gloria
2. Redondo Beach
3. Birdland
4. Free Money
5. Kimberly
6. Break it Up
7. Land:
a) Horses
b) Land of a Thousand Dances
c) La Mer (de)
8) Elegie
9) My Generation (P. Townshend) (bonus track).

(Covers included)


jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

THE ROLLING STONES / 1978 / Some Girls

1. Miss You
2. When the Whips Comes Down
3. Imagination
4. Some Girls
5. Lies
6. Far Away Eyes
7. Respectable
8. Before They Make Me Run
9. Beast of Burden
10. Shattered.

(Covers included)


martes, 29 de enero de 2013

CHET BAKER / 1994 / My Funny Valentine (Chet Baker Plays and Sings for Lovers)

(Re-up by petition / Resubido a petición)
 (New link / Nuevo enlace)

Recorded between 1953 to 1956.

Chet Baker
Russ Freeman, Carson Smith, Bob Neel, Bud Shank, Red Mitchell, Corky Hale, Herb Geller, Jack Montrose, Bob Gordon, Joe Mondragon, Shelly Manne, Bob Brookmeyer, Pete Jolly, Leroy Vinnegar, Stan Levey, Jimmy Bond, Peter Littman, Carson Smith, Buss Freeman, Larry Bunker, Lawrence Marable, Bob Withlock, Bobby White...

1. My Funny Valentine
2. Someone to Watch Over Me
3. Moonlight Becomes You
4. This is Always
5. I'm Glad There is You
6. Time After Time
7. Sweet Lorraine
8. It's Always You
9. Let's Get Lost
10. Moon Love
11. Like Someone in Love
12. I've Never Been in Love Before
13. Isn't it Romantic
14. I Fall in Love Too Easily.

(Covers included)

jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

BILL EVANS & JIM HALL / 1962 / Undercurrent

Recorded in New York City on April 24 and May 14, 1962.

Bill Evans: piano
Jim Hall: guitar.

1. My Funny Valentine (alt. take)
2. My Funny Valentine
3. I Hear a Rhapsody
4. Dream Gypsy
5. Stairway to the Stars
6. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You 
7. Romain
8. Romain (alt. take)
9. Skating in Central Park
10. Darn That Dream.

(Covers included)


jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

TOM WAITS / 1987 / Franks Wild Years

(Nuevo enlace / New link)

1. Hang On St. Christopher
2. Straight to the Top (Rhumba)
3. Blow Wind Blow
4. Temptation
5. Innocent When You Dream (Barroom)
6. I'll Be Gone
7. Yesterday is Here
8. Please Wake Me Up
9. Frank's Theme
10. More Than Rain
11. Way Down in the Hole
12. Straight to the Top (Vegas)
13. I'll Take New York
14. Telephone Call from Istanbul
15. Cold Call Ground
16. Train Song
17. Innocent Whe You Dream (78).

(Covers included)


jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

BRIAN ENO / 1975 / Discreet Music

Recorded in London at Trident Studios, September, 12, 1975.

Performed by The Cockpit Ensemble
Conducted by Gavin Bryars
Produced by Brian Eno.

1. Discreet Music
(Recorded at Brian Eno's Studio 9.5.75)
2. Three Variations On the Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel
(I) Fullness of Wind
(II) French Catalogues
(III) Brutal Ardour.

(Covers included)