martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

BOB SCOBEY / 1993 / Bob Scobey's Frisco Band (featuring vocals by Clancy Hayes)

Recording: 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 & 1955.

Bob Scobey: trumpet
Clancy Hayes: banjo, guitar, vocals
Jack Buck, Albert Nicholas, Burt Bales, Squire Girsback, Fred Higuera, George Probert, Wally Rose, Dick Lammi, Marshall Nichols, Bob Mielke, Bob Short, Bill Napier, Ernie Lewis, Earl Watkins...

1. Down in Jungletown
2. Sweet Georgie Brown
3. Memphis Blues
4. Battle Hymn of the Republic
5. Beale Street Mama
6. Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
7. Careless Love
8. Mobile
9. Beale Street Blues
10. Coney Island Washboard
11. Melancholy
12. Chicago
13. South
14. Sailin' Down Chesapeake Bay
15. Big Butter and Egg Man
16. Peoria
17. Do You Know What it Means To Miss New Orleans
18. Huggin' and a Chalkin'
19. Long Gone
20. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
21. Ace in the Hole
22. Silver Dollar
23. All the Wrongs You've Done To Me.

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domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016

LEE KONITZ / 1957 / The Real Lee Konitz

Recorded live at Midway Lounge, Pittsburg, 1957.

Lee Konitz: alto sax
Billy Bauer: guitar
Peter Ind: bass
Dick Scott: drums
Don Ferrara: trumpet (5 & 6).

1. Straightaway
2. Foolin' Myself
3. You Got To My Head
4. My Melancholy Baby
5. Pennies in Minor
6. Sweet and Lovely
7. Easy Livin'
8. Midway.

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viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

CURTIS MAYFIELD / 1970 / Curtis

>>> Curtis (1970) <<<

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Curtis Mayfield
Leonard Druss, John Howell, Harold Lepp, Loren Binford, Clifford Davis, Patrick Ferreri, Richard Single, Rudolph Stauber, Donald Simmons, Robert Lewis, Harold Dessent, Ronald Kolber, Harold Klatz, John Ross, Sol Bobrob, Sam Heiman, Elliot Golub, Henry Gibson, Robert Sims, Gary Slabo, Philip Upchurch...

1. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below We're All Going To Go
2. The Other Side of Town
3. The Makings of You
4. We the People Who are Darker Than Blue
5. Move On Up
6. Miss Black America
7. Wild and Free
8. Give it Up

Bonus tracks:
9. Power To the People (demo)
10. Underground (demo)
11. Ghetto Child (demo)
12. Readings in Astrology (demo)
13. Suffer (demo)
14. Miss Black America (demo)
15. The Makings of You (backing tracks, take 32)
16. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Bellow We're All Going To Go (backing tracks, takes 1 & 2)
17. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Bellow We're All Going To Go (edited single version).

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miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

MACEO PARKER / 1998 / Funkoverload

Maceo Parker
Corey Parker, Fred Wesley, Ron Tooley, Vincent Henry, Bruno Speight, Will Boulware, Jerry Preston, Jamal Thomas, Kara Dio Guardi, Diann Sorrell, "Sweet" Charles Sherrell, Steve Conte, Dawi, JD, Tishi...

1. Maceo's Groove
2. Uptown Up
3. Sing a Simple Song (S. Stewart)
4. Tell Me Something Good (S. Wonder)
5. Elephant's Foot
6. Let's Get it On (M. Gaye/J. Nyx)
7. Youth of the World
8. We're On the Move
9. Inner City Blues (M. Gaye/E. Townsend)
10. Going in Circles
11. Do You Love Me.

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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

VARIOUS ARTISTS / 1993 / A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield

Artists & Tracks:
1. Gladys Knight: Choice of Colors
2. Steve Winwood: It's All Right!
3. Repercussions & Curtis Mayfield: Let's Do it Again
4. Lenny Kravitz: Billy Jack
5. Whitney Houston: Look Into Your Heart
6. Bruce Springsteen: Gypsy Woman
7. Eric Clapton: You Must Believe Me
8. The Isley Brothers: I'm So Proud
9. Branford Marsalis & The Impressions: Fool for You
10. Tevin Campbell: Keep On Pushin'
11. Aretha Franklin: The Makings of You
12. B.B. King: Woman's Got Soul
13. Rod Stewart: People Get Ready
14. Narada Michael Walden: (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Bellow, We're All Going To Go
15. Phil Collins: I've Been Trying
16. Stevie Wonder: I'm the One Who Love You
17. Elton John & Sounds of Blackness: Amen.

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sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016

ERIC CLAPTON / 1986 / Live At Montreux (DVDrip-AVI)

Live At Montreux (1986)
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 <<<

Eric Clapton
Phil Collins, Nathan East & Greg Phillinganes.

1. Crossroads
2. White Room
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. I Wanna Make Love To You
5. Miss You
6. Same Old Blues
7. Tearing Us Apart
8. Holy Mother
9. Behind the Mask
10. Badge
11. Let it Rain
12. In the Air Tonight
13. Cocaine
14. Layla
15. Sunshine of Your Love
16. Further On Up the Road.

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jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016

TOTTA'S BLUESBAND / 2003 (2008) / Best of Totta's Bluesband (Sittin' On Top of the World)

Tracks 1, 5, 6, 8, 17 (Combination Boogie 1985)
Tracks 2, 14 (SR, live at Café Rrox / Sveriges Radio 1983)
Tracks 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19 (Saturday Night's Boogie Woogie, 1983)
Tracks 11, 20 (Totta's Bluesband Mini-LP, 1986)
Track 15 (Totta's Live at Renströmska, 1981).

Thorsten Näslund: sang (vocals)
Bengt Blomgren: gitarr (guitar)
Bermt Andersson: orgel (organ?), keyboards, munspel och kör (?), gitarr (guitar) (3)
Niels Nordin: trummor (drums)
Nikke Ström: bas (bass)
Bo Winberg: gitarr (guitar) (3)
Yvonne Fortes: kör (chorus) (3, 10)
Bo Starander: kör (chorus) (7)
Mats Ronnander: munspel (?) (14)
Gunnar Peterson: trummor (drums) (15)
Olle Niklasson: tenorsax (18)
Salomon Helperin: trumpet (18).

Lâts (Tracks):
1. Going Back To the Country
2. We'll Play the Blues for You
3. I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
4. Bottom of the Sea
5. No Expectations
6. Stop Using Me
7. Ain't Your Business
8. Combination Boogie
9. Bad Bad Whiskey
10. The World's in a Tangle
11. I Better Keep What I've Got
12. Saturday Night's Boogie Woogie Man
13. Just a Feeling
14. It Ain't Right
15. Sittin' On Top of the World
16. Bring it On Home
17. That's the Truth
18. Too Late
19. My Love for You Will Never Die
20. Going Back to Memphis.

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lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

ZZ TOP / 1976 / Tejas

>>> Tejas (1976) <<<

Billy Gibbons: vocals, guitar, harmonica, fiddle
Dusty Hill: vocals, bass
Frank Beard: drums.

1. It's Only Love
2. Arrested for Driving While Blind
3. El Diablo
4. Snappy Kakkie
5. Enjoy and Get it On
6. Ten Dollar Man
7. Pan Am Highway Blues
8. Avalon Hideaway
9. She's a Heartbreaker
10. Asleep in the Desert.

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viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND / 1973 (2014) / Tales of Old Grand-Daddy

Original album recorded at EMI Studios, Sydney & mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London, July & August 1973.
Additional recordings June & November 1972 at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Harry Vanda: lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar
George Young: lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, bass guitar
Malcolm Young: guitar
Angus Young: guitar
John Proud: drums
Alex Young: saxophone
Howie Casey: saxophone
Ian Campbell: bass
Freddie Smith: drums
Wally Waller: electric piano, bass, backing vocals...

1. Can't Stand the Heat
2. Goodbye Jane
3. Quick Reaction
4. Silver Shoes
5. Watch Her Do it Now
6. People and the Power
7. Red Revolution
8. Shot in the Head
9. Ape Man
10. Cry for Me.

Bonus tracks:
11. One of These Days
12. Natural Man
13. Moonshine Blues
14. Louisiana Lady
15. Ride Baby Ride.

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miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

DWIGHT YOAKAM / 1995 / Gone

>>> Gone (1995) <<<

Dwight Yoakam: lead & background vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
Pete Anderson: electric guitar, electric sitar, harmonica
Jim Christie: drums
Taras Prodaniuk: bass
Skip Edwards: keyboards, organ, piano, accordion
Scott Joss: fiddle
Dean Parks: acoustic guitar
Tom Brumley: lap steel, pedal steel
Dusty Wakeman: 6 string bass
Tempo: percussion
Lee Thornburg: trumpet & trombone
Lon Price: tenor sax
Gary (Double Dub) White, Steve (Gonna Get a RIV) Moore, Pete Anderson, Dusty Wakeman, Dwight Yoakam: handclaps.
Tommy Funderburk, Beth Anderson, Carl Jackson, Jim Lauderdale, Anthony Crawford, Maxi Anderson, Carmen Twilly, Joy Lynn White, Jim Haas, John Batdorf, The Rembrandts: Phillip Solen & Danny Wilde: background vocal.

1. Sorry You Asked?
2. Near You
3. Don't Be Sad
4. Gone (That'll Be Me)
5. Nothing
6. Never Hold You
7. This Much I Know
8. Baby Why Not
9. One More Night
10. Heart of Stone.

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domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

ARETHA FRANKLIN / 1974 / Let Me in Your Life

Aretha Franklin
David Spinozza, Bob James, Richard Tee, Eumir Deodato, Stanley Clarke, Rick Marotta, Ralph MacDonald, Anif Mardin, Cornell Dupree, Chuck Rainey, Bernard Purdie, Pancho Morales, Ann S. Clarke, Pat Smith, Margaret Branch, Joe Farrell, Donny Hathaway, Cissy Houston, Myma Smith, Sylvia Shemwell, Judy Clay, William Eaton, Deidre Tuck, Gwen Guthrie, Hugh McCraken, Kenneth Bichel, Willie Weeks, Ernie Royal...

1. Let Me in Your Life
2. Every Natural Thing
3. Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
4. I'm in Love
5. Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
6. The Masquerade is Over
7. With Pen in Hand
8. Oh Baby
9. Eight Days On the Road
10. If You Don't Think
11. A Song for You (Leon Russell).

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miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2016

IRON BUTTERFLY / 1968 / In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Doug Ingle, Erik Brann, Lee Dorman & Ron Bushy.

1. Most Anything You Want
2. Flowers and Beads
3. My Mirage
4. Termination
5. Are You Happy
6. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

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