jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

KARL SCHAFFNER / 1987 / Many Lives Ago

>>> Many Lives Ago. (1987) <<<

(New Link)

Inner-Harmony Music by Karl Schaffner.

1. Monsoon
2. Follow the Stream
3. Nijananda
4. Into the Jungle
5. Being There.

(Covers included)

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Serveaux dijo...

Re-upload please

emejota dijo...

Sorry my friend Serveaux... But for now the blog is in pause... There aren't valid links (all dead, because was eraser for the hosteds) and in this moment my energy is decay... ok?
Thanks for the visit and greetings from Canary islands... :)

(Sorry for my bad bad english)

Serveaux dijo...

Thank you. Will you ever re-upload it? I have a blog all about music from Valley of the Sun and I wish to host this album on it.

If you can't re-upload, it's fine.

Serveaux dijo...

Also, the blog is called Hidden Valley (Of the sun publishing) in case you like the ambient music they put out.

emejota dijo...

Well... OK Serveaux. I re-up this album... in few time.
Please, patience.

Greetings my friend.

emejota dijo...

Hey Serveaux, my friend... New link for this record... ok?
Greetings... :)