viernes, 4 de julio de 2008


>>> Boz Scaggs & Band. (1971)<<<

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Boz Scaggs: guitar, vocals
David Brown: bass
Eddie Lee Charlton: drums
Chepito Areas: conga, timbales
Mike Carabello: percussion, conga, timbales
Lee Charleton: sound effects
Rita Coolidge & Dorothy Morrison: background vocals
Mel Martin: saxophone
Pat O'Hara: trombone
Tom Poole: trumpet, flugelhorn
George Rains: drums, percussion
Doug Simril: guitar, piano
Joachim Jymm Young: organ, piano, keyboards, vibraphone.

1. Monkey Time
2. Runnin' Blue Scaggs
3. Up to You
4. Love Anyway
5. Flames of Love
6. Here to Stay
7. Nothing Will Take Your Place
8. Why Why
9. You're so Good.

2 comentarios:

KDNYfm dijo...

I was a Scaggs fan just on the material he did with the Steve Miller Band, but after his first solo lp on Atlantic, I was really hooked. This album is still high on my favorites list!! (and he autographed the cover of this for me a couple years ago when I saw him in a casino in Regina)!!Thanx for sharing!!

emejota dijo...

Yes? ...he autographed the cover? It's nice this!!!! I'm very happy... Thanks my friend. Greetings!!!!