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NOËL COWARD / 1991 / The Noël Coward Album

>>> The Noël Coward Album. (1991) <<<

Tracks 1 to 17 recorded live at Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn, Las Vegas, June 1955.
Tracks 18 to 29 recorded live in New York City, October 18-19 & November 2, 1956.
Arrangements & piano accompaniment by Peter Matz.
Orchestra directed by Peter Matz (New York).
Carl Hayes and His Orchestra (Las Vegas).

Medley (1 to 8):
1. I'll See You Again
2. Dance, Little Lady
3. Poor Little Rich Girl
4. A Room With a View
5. Someday I'll Find You
6. I'll Follow My Secret Heart
7. If Love Were All
8. Play, Orchestra, Play.
9. Uncle Harry
10. Loch Lomond (traditional)
11. A Bar On the Piccola Marina
12. World Weary
13. Nina (includes "Begin the Beguine")
14. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
15. Matelot
16. Alice is at it Again
17. A Room With a View
18. Let's Do it -Cole Porter; Noël Coward-
19. I Like America
20. Louisa
21. Half-Caste Woman
22. I Went to a Marvelous Party
23. Time and Again
24. Why Must the Show Go On?
25. What's Going to Happen to the Tots?
26. Sail Away
27. Wait a Bit, Joe
28. Twentieth Century Blues
29. The Party's Over Now.

(Covers included)

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Thank you very much! I have looked high and low for this album for years. I've also gotten a few others from your blog. You have exceptional taste!