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KURT WEILL / 1996 / Kurt Weill On Broadway

>>> Kurt Weill On Broadway. (1996) <<<

With: Thomas Hampson, Elizabeth Futral, Jerry Hadley, Jeanne Lehman....

London Sinfonietta Chorus (Chorus Master: Terry Edwards)
London Sinfonietta (Leader: Marcia Crayford)
Conducted by John McGlinn.

One Touch of Venus (Lyrics by Ogden Nash, 1943)
1. Westwind

Knickerbocker Holiday (Lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, 1938)
2-3. It Never Was You; How Can You Tell an American?

The Firebrand of Florence (Lyrics by Ira Gershwin, 1946)
4-7. Song of the Hangman; Civic Song - "Come to Florence"; Aria - "My Lords and Ladies"; Farewell Song - "There Was Life, There Was Love, There Was Laughter"
8. Love Song - "You're Far too Near Me"
9-10. Procession:
Chant of Law and Order - "The World is Full of Villains"; Trial by Music - "You Have to do What You do do"
11. Duet - "Love is My Enemy"

Love Life (Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, 1948)
12-15. Who is Samuel Cooper?; My Name is Samuel Cooper; Here I'll Stay; I Remember it Well; This is the Life

Johnny Johnson (Lyrics by Paul Green, 1936)
16. Johnny's Song.

(Covers included)

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