miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011


>>> Benoît Martiny Band. (2008) <<<

Benoît Martiny: drums, harmonium, bluesharp & vocals
Sandor Kem: double bass, acoustic bassguitar & vocals
Frank Gones: electric guitar & vocals
Daniele Martini: tenor saxophone, indian snake charmer, flute out of a coconut & a chair's leg, thai chicken whistle & vocals
Jasper Van Damme: alto saxophone & vocals.

1. Present Dance
2. The Devil On My Trail
3. Seriously Damaged
4. Silent Phones
5. Katrina's Voodoo
6. Out of the Bubble
7. The Most Relaxed Cows in the World Live in India
8. No Choice
9. Invasion.

(Covers included)

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