martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS / 1979-82 / Hollywood Nights

>>> Hollywood Nights 1979-82. <<<

John Beland: all guitars, dobro, harmonica, banjo, lead vocals & harmonies
Gib Guilbeau: lead vocals, harmonies & fiddle
Sneaky Pete Kleinov: steel guitar
Skip Battin: bass guitar/harmonies
Steve Duncan/Mickey McGee, Billy Thomas: drums
Elmo Peeler, Charlie Harwood, John Davis: keyboards
John Beland: accordian
Jeanie Clark, Mary Green: supporting vocals.

1. She Belongs to Everyone But Me
2. Somewhere Tonight
3. Baby, How'd We Ever Get This Way
4. Too Much Honky Tonkin'
5. Midnight Magic Woman
6. My Abandoned Heart
7. She's a Friend of a Friend
8. Louisiana
9. Cheating Kind of Love
10. Why Must the Ending Always be so Sad
11. That's When You Know it's Over
12. You
13. I Swear I don't Miss Her Anymore
14. She's a Hell of a Deal
15. Another Shade of Grey
16. Damned if I'll be Lonely Tonight
17. If Something Should Come Between Us
18. When You're Giving Yourself to a Stranger
19. Run to the Night
20. Coast to Coast
21. Closer to You
22. True Love Never Runs Dry
23. Tell Me it Ain't so.

(Covers included)

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