domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

REO SPEEDWAGON / 1977 / You Get What You Play for (Live)

>>> You Get What You Play for (Live). (1977) <<<

Recorded at:
Kansas City, Kan. - Memorial Hall
Indianapolis, Ind. - Convention Ctr.
St. Louis, Mo. - Keil Auditorium
Atlanta, Ga. - Electric Ballroom.

Gary Richrath: lead guitar, vocals
Kevin Cronin: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Neal Doughty: keyboards
Gregg Phibin: bass guitar, background vocals
Alan Cratzer: drums, background vocals.

1. Like You Do
2. Lay Me Down
3. Any Kind of Love
4. Being Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)
5. Keep Pushin'
6. (Only a) Sumer Love
7. Son of a Poor Man
8. (I Believe) Our Time is Gonna Come
9. Flying Turkey Trot
10. 157 Riverside Avenue
11. Ridin' the Storm Out
12. Music Man
13. Golden Country.

(Covers included)

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