sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

V. M. / 1997 / The Healing Game

>>> The Healing Game. (1997) <<<

1. Rough God Goes Riding
2. Fire in the Belly
3. This Weight
4. Waiting Game
5. Piper At the Gates of Dawn
6. Burning Ground
7. It Once Was My Life
8. Sometimes We Cry
9. If You Love Me
10. The Healing Game
11. At the End of the Day (bonus track).

(Covers included)

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KDNYfm dijo...

There was a time when I wouldnt hesitate to buy a Van release...but since about 95, I have been a little fusier. Seing as this is one I missd, I thought I should check it out.
Thanx for the opportunity!