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JETHRO TULL / 2003 / A New Day Yesterday: The 25th Anniversary Collection 1969-1994 (DVDrip-AVI)

A New Day Yesterday
(The 25th Anniversary Collection 1969-1994)
>>> Part 1 / Part 2 <<<

 Plus excerpts from:
Living in the Past (Brussels 1993)
Nothing is Easy (Isle of Wight 1970)
25th Anniversary Reunion
Teacher (French TV 1970)
The Witch's Promise (BBC Top of the Pops 1970)
The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles 1973
Minstrel in the Gallery (Paris 1975)
Aqualung (BBC Sight and Sound 1977)
Thick As a Brick (Rehearsal 1992)
Thick As a Brick (Madison Square Garden, NY 1978)
Songs from the Wood (London 1980)
Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Died (promo video 1980)
Kissing Willie (promo video 1989)
Rehearsals for the 25th Anniversary tour
Rocks On the Road (promo video 1991)
A New Day Yesterday (Brussels 1993)
Hidden bonus track:
The Witch's Promise (French TV).

(DVD Covers included)

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