miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

EDGAR WINTER / 1970 / Entrance

Edgar Winter: vocals, alto sax, piano, organ
Jimmy Gillen: drums
Randal Dolanon: guitar
Gene Kurtz: bass
Johnny Winter: harmonica.
Ray Alonge, Earl W. Chapin & Brooks Tillotson: horns
Paul Gershman, Gene Cahn, Ralph Oxman, Russell Savkus & Emanuel Green: strings.

(On Tobacco Road):
Edgar Winter: vocals, sax, organ
Johnny Winter: guitar
Tommy Shannon: bass
John Turner: drums.

1. Entrance
2. Where Have You Gone
3. Rise to Fall
4. Fire and Ice
5. Hung Up
6. Back in the Blues
7. Re-Entrance
8. Tobacco Road
9. Jump Right Out
10. Peace Pipe
11. A Different Game
12. Jimmy's Gospel.

(Covers includes)

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