domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

JOSS STONE / 2004 / Mind Body & Soul

Joss Stone
Aj Nilo, Cindy Blackman, Benny Lattimore, Raymond Angry, Tom "Bones" Malone, Angelo Morris, Betty Wright, Bombshell, Pete Iannacone, Jonathan Joseph, Nir Zidkyahu, Jonathan Shorten, John Angier, Tracey Moore, Mercedes Martinez, Mike Mangini, Steve Greenwell, Jack Daley, Nile Rodgers, David "Jody" Hill, Willie "Little Beaver" Hale, Timmy Thomas, Thom Bell, Delroy "Chris" Cooper, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Astor "Crusty" Campbell, Wilburn "Squidley" Cole, Commissioner Gordon, Jonathan Shorten, Teodross Avery, Tanya Darby, Stafford Hunter, Connor Reeves, Danny P., Angie Stone, Margaret Reynolds, Ellison Kendrick, Veronica Sanchez, Ruby Baker, Clovette Danzy, Jeanette Wright, William "Kooly" Scott, Salaam Remi, Troy Auxilly-Wilson, Van Gibbs, Vincent Henry, Bruce Purse, Jeni Fujita, Carl Vandenbosche, Alan Weekes, Ignacio Nuñez, Amir "?uestlove" Thompson...
Mind Body & Soul Orchestra.

1. Right To Be Wrong
2. Jet Lag
3. You Had Me
4. Spoiled
5. Don't Cha Wanna Ride
6. Less is More
7. Security
8. Young At Heart
9. Snakes and Ladders
10. Understand
11. Don't Know How
12. Torn and Tallered
13. Killing Time
14. Sleep Like a Child
15. Daniel (bonus track)

(Covers includes)

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