viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

T. REX / 1971 (2012) / Electric Warrior (+ Singles "A" & "B" Sides)

Marc Bolan: vocals, guitars
Micky Finn: percussion, vocals
Steve Currie: bass
Will Legend: drums
Ian McDonald: saxophones
Burt Collins: flugel horn
Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman: backing vocals.

The Original Album:
1. Mambo Sun
2. Cosmic Dancer
3. Jeepster
4. Monolith
5. Lean Woman Blues
6. Get it On
7. Planet Queen
8. Girl
9. The Motivator
10. Life's a Gas
11. Rip Off

Singles "A" & "B" Sides:
12. There Was a Time / Raw Ramp
13. Hot Love
14. Woodland Rock
15. The King of the Mountain Cometh.

(Covers includes)

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Tino Prieto Aguilar dijo...

qué buenos recuerdos compadreeee!!! Abrazos a MariJose y toda tu familia

emejota dijo...

Buenos recuerdos con buena músikilla. Un gran abrazo Tino...

acuarelamusical dijo...


emejota dijo...

De nada acuarelamusical... Saludos desde Canarias...