lunes, 14 de mayo de 2018

THE DOOBIE BROTHERS / 1974 / What Were Once Vices are Now Habits

Tom Johnston: guitars, vocals
Patrick Simmons: guitar, vocals
Tiran Porter: bass, vocals
John (Little John) Hartman: drums


Michael Hossack: drums (5)
Bill Payne: keyboards
James Booker: piano (9)
Andrew Love (tenor saxophone), Wayne Jackson (trumpet) & The Memphis Horns: horn arrangements
  Jack Hale: trombone
 James Mitchell: baritone saxophone
Milt Holland: tabla, marimba, pandeiro
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: pedal steel guitar
Eddie Guzman: congas, timbales
Arlo Guthrie: autoharps
Novi Novog: viola
 Ted Templeman: percussion.

1. Song To See You Through
2. Spirit
3. Pursuit On 53rd St.
 4. Black Water
5. Eyes of Silver
6. Road Angel
7. You Just Can't Stop it
8. Tell Me What You Want (and I'll Give You What You Need)
9. Down in the Track
10. Another Park, Another Sunday
11. Daughters of the Sea
12. Flying Cloud.

(Covers includes)


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Gracias. A ver qué tal suenan 40 años después :)