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ARETHA FRANKLIN / 1999 / Amazing Grace (2 Discs)

Recorded live at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, CA, 1972

Aretha Franklin: vocals & piano
Rev. James Cleveland: vocals & piano
Cornell Dupree: guitar
Ken Lupper: organ
Chuck Rainey: bass
Bernard Purdie: drums
Pancho Morales: congas
The Southern California Community Choir, Rev. James Cleveland
Alexander Hamilton: choir director.

Tracks (Disc1):
Thursday Night Show (1/13/72)

1. Organ Introduction (On Our Way)
2. Opening Remarks
3. On Our Way
4. Aretha's Introduction
5. Wholy Holy
6. You'll Never Walk Alone
7. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
8. Precious Memories
9. How I Got Over
10. a) Precious Lord, Take My Hand
b) You've Got a Friend
11. Climbing Higher Mountains
12. Amazing Grace
13. My Sweet Lord (instrumental)
14. Give Yourself To Jesus.

Tracks (Disc2):
Friday Night Show (1/14/72)

1. Organ Introduction (On Our Way) / Opening Remarks
2. On Our Way
3. Aretha's Introduction
4. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
5. Wholy Holy
6. Climbing Higher Mountains
7. God Will Take Care of You
8. Old Landmark
9. Mary, Don't You Weep
10. Never Grow Old
11. Remarks By Reverend C.L. Franklin
12. Precious Memories
13. My Sweet Lord (instrumental).

(Covers includes)

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