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LYNYRD SKYNYRD / 1996 / Southern Knights (2 CDs)

Recorded live (1995?) in the USA: Memphis-TN, Biloxi-MS, Reno-NV, Manassas-VA, Atlanta-GA, Concord-CA.

Gary Rossington: guitar
Ed King: guitar
Johnny Van Zant: lead vocals
Leon Wilkeson: bass
Billy Powell: keyboards
Mike Estes: guitar
Owen Hale: drums
Dale Kantz-Rossington: vocalist
Debbie Davis-Estes: vocalist.

Tracks (Disc 1):
1. Workin' for MCA
2. I Ain't the One
3. Saturday Night Special
4. Down South Jukin'
5. Double Trouble
6. Devil in the Bottle
7. "T" for Texas
8. What's Your Name
9. That Smell

Tracks (Disc 2):
1. Simple Man
2. Gimme Three Steps
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Free Bird.

(Covers includes)


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Tino dijo...

cada ciertos tiempos da vuelta la rueda de la vida y paso por acá a saludar a Emejota y desearte y para Marijose y toda tu familia los buenos deseos de la mía. Abrazos

kuku muniu dijo...

What You say about upload Kate Bush 2018 Remaster
- The Kick Inside,The Dreaming, Never for Ever,Hounds of Love ?

emejota dijo...

Que pasa Tino!? Todo bien espero. Por aqui todo chanchi... Un abrazo amiguete!

emejota dijo...

Hey, how are you Kuku Muniu? I'm sorry, haven't nothing of Kate Bush and me sending in Google... Nothing of nothing, on blogs, in rar or zip archives... But this remastered edition is very recient (very new)... Maybe, in a near future...... Greetings from Canary islands my friend!!

kuku muniu dijo...

Hmmm,I see...could You try to find Confusion Project - Primal
and Weezdob Collective - Star Cadillac? :)

or Tricky ‎– Nearly God (1996)
but USA & Canada edition with 12 tracks

Yesterday on the radio I met a new bands
Collocutor and Emanative.

Did You heard Emanative - Earth or Collocutor - Instead?



emejota dijo...

Hi again Kuku Muniu... I haven't, I don't know and I don't find nothing (Any link working) of these bands... Sorry so much... Greetings!!!

kuku muniu dijo...

Check this

and if you can,please copy download links here
because my browser don't want let me in on "clk icu" page :/

emejota dijo...

Hi Kuku Muniu... 2 links for Kate Bush "The Kick Inside"... not remastered... OK? Me sending the others Kate Bush records...



emejota dijo...

Kate Bush... many links....


kuku muniu dijo...

I already have not remastered :) I need both to compare them :D