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>>> Boz Scaggs. (1969) <<<

(New Link)

Boz Scaggs: vocals
Duane Allman: dobro & slide
Eddie Hinton & Jimmy Johnson: guitars
Barry Beckett: keyboards
David Hood: bass
Roger Hawkins: drums
Al Lester: fiddle
The horn section (on 1):
Charles Chalmers: tenor sax
Floyd Newman: baritone sax
Ben Cauley: trumpet
(on all the other tracks):
Gene "Bowlegs" Miller: trumpet & trombone
Joe Arnold: tenor sax
James Mitchell: baritone sax
Jeannie Greene, Donna Thatcher, Mary Holiday, Tracy Nelson, Irma Routen & Joyce Dunn: background vocals.

1. I'm Easy
2. I'll Be Long Gone
3. Another Day (Another Letter)
4. Now You're Gone
5. Finding Her
6. Look What I Got!
7. Waiting for a Train
8. Loan Me a Dime
9. Sweet Release.

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Anónimo dijo...

Many thanks for Boz's first album. It is still my favorite. Greeting from Canada!


KDNYfm dijo...

Thanx for the new link as per request! Based on the other comment here I see I'm not the only Canadian who loves this album!!

emejota dijo...

OK my friend... The canadians (with good taste) are welcome in this blog... Sure.
And now, in few time, me re-up the next Mr. Scaggs record (Boz Scaggs & Band)... Greetings from Canary islands... :)

(and sorry for my bad english)