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DIANA KRALL / 2002 / Live in Paris (DVDrip-avi)

Live in Paris. (2002)
Recorded live at the Paris Olympia.

>>> Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 <<<

Diana Krall Band:
Diana Krall: vocals & piano
John Clayton: acoustic bass
Paulinho DaCosta: percussion
Jeff Hamilton: drums
John Pisano: acoustic guitar
Anthony Wilson: guitar

The Orchestre Symphonique European & Paris Jazz Big Band
Alan Broadbent: music director, conductor
Claus Ogerman: guest conductor.

1. I Love Being Here With You
2. All Or Nothing
3. Let's Fall in Love
4. The Look of Love
5. Maybe You'll be There
6. Deed I Do
7. Devil My Care
8. Cry Me a River
9. Under My Skin
10. East of the Sun
11. I Get Along
12. Pick Yourself Up
13. S'Wonderful
14. Love Letters
15. I Don't Know Enough About You
16. Do it Again
17. A Case of You.

(DVD covers included)

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Sergio E. Benìtez dijo...

Excelente video!
Aprovecho la ocaciòn para imvitarlos a http://www.dedicadoadianakrall.blogspot.com/
(mi humilde homenaje a Diana).

Un gran abrazo