viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

JAYNE MANSFIELD / 1993 / Too HOT to Handle!

>>> Too HOT to Handle! (1993) <<<

1. That Makes it
2. Little Things Mean a Lot
3. As the Clouds Drift by
4. Suey
5. Too Hot to Handle (from "Too Hot to Handle")
6. You Were Made for Me (from "Too Hot to Handle")
7. Wo ist Der Mann (from "Heimweh Nach St Pauli")
8. SnickSnack-Snuckelchen (from "Heimweh Nach St Pauli")
9. It's a Living (from the Musical "Les Poupees de Paris")
10. The Best Things in Life (interview)
11. The Jack Benny Show
12. Jane Mansfield Welcome You to Her House of Love (Live at the Dunes Hotel, Las Vegas).

(Complete covers included)

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