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The World According to JOHN COLTRANE / 1991 / Documentary (DVDrip-avi)

The World According to John Coltrane. (1991)
(In english-no subtitles)

The World According to John Coltrane is a multi-faceted portrait of this trascendental musician's spirit, who was one of the most innovative and influential jazz saxophonist of the 1960's. (Text in DVD cover).

>>> Part 1 / Part 2 <<<

Guest Artists:
Roscoe Mitchell, Rashied Ali, Alice Coltrane, Tommy Flannagan, Jimmy Heath, Wayne Shorter, La Monte Young & members of the Aissaqua Brotherhood.

1. Introduction
2. Family & Church
3. After the War
4. Giant Steeps*
5. So What*
6. My Favourite Things*
7. Influences & Art Music
8. Spiritual Develepment
9. Reverend King Alabama*
10. Avante Garde
11. World Music Influences
12. Going to Morocco
13. Credits.

(*music track)

(DVD covers included)

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Enorme Coltrane.

Te adjunto los links de una entrada que acabo de publicar acerca de "Crescent" y la que publiqué al año pasado sobre "Ascension":



Un saludo.

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