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ETTA JAMES / 1992 / My Greatest Songs

>>> My Greatest Songs. (1992) <<<

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1. Something's Got a Hold On Me (Woods/Kirkland/James)
2. Sunday Kind of Love (Belle/Prima/Leonard/Rhodes)
3. Pushover (Tarke/Davis)
4. Miss Pitiful (Redding/Cropper)
5. Trust in Me (Wever/Ager/Schwartz)
6. Spoonful (Duet with Harvey Fuqua) (Dixon)
7. Tell Mama (Carter/Terrell/Daniel)
8. At Last (Warren/Gordon)
9. Payback (Davis-Salaam)
10. Security (Redding/Wessen)
11. I'd Rather Go Blind (Jordan/Foster)
12. I Just Want to Make Love to You (Dixon)
13. Stop the Wedding (Kirkland/Woods/Johnson)
14. Two Sides (To Every Story) (Clarke/Davis)
15. I Found a Love (Pickett/Schofeild/West)
16. It's All Right (Hayfield).

(Covers included)

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Thanks for this great album!!
Great Blog You've got!!

Greetings from the Netherlands.
Piet van Rosmalen

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Brilliant, RIP Etta