miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

SMOKIE WILSON / 1993 / Smoke n' Fire

>>> Smoke n' Fire. (1993) <<<

Smokey Wilson: guitar, vocals
Terry "Big T" de Rouen: guitar
Larry Davis: bass
William "Dr.Z" Zimmerman: tenor sax
Joe Campbell: trumpet
Ron Levy: piano, organ
Jimmy McCracklin: piano
Craig Kimbrough: drums
South Central Rhythm & The Homeboy Horns.

1. Don't Burn Down L.A.
2. You Took Everything from Me
3. Smoke n' Fire
4. Tired of Cryin'
5. 88th Street Blues
6. Killin' Floor
7. Tired of Waiting On You
8. Nobody's Bid'ness
9. I Didn't Know
10. Just Messin' Around
11. Why Don't You Let Me be.

(Covers -only front & back- included)