viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

MIDNIGHT OIL / 1990 / Blue Sky Mining

>>> Blue Sky Mining. (1990) <<<

Bones Hillman: bass, singing
Martin Rotsey: guitars, singing
Rob Hirst: drums, singing
Peter Garrett: singer
Jim Moginie: guitars, keyboards, singing
Warne Livesey: additional keyboards
Jeremy Smith: french horn
Phillip Hartl (Strings Plus): strings leader
Glad & Garf: horn swells.

1. Blue Sky Mine
2. Stars of Warburton
3. Bedlam Bridge
4. Forgotten Years
5. Mountains of Burma
6. King of the Mountain
7. Rivers Runs Red
8. Shakers and Movers
9. One Country
10. Antarctica.

(Covers included)

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