lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

THE BLACK CROWES / 1994 / Amorica

>>> Amorica. (1994) <<<

Chris Robinson: the singing & the harmonica playing
Rich Robinson: the guitar playing
Marc Ford: playing the guitar
Steve Gorman: the snacking of the skins
Johnny Colt: bass fishing
Eddie Harsch: the keyboard playing and encounters.
Jimmy "Two Fingers" Ashurst: mandolin
Eric Bobo: percussion
Andy Sturner: assorted musical gifts
Bruce Kaphan: pedal steel.

1. Gone
2. A Conspiracy
3. High Head Blues
4. Cursed Diamond
5. Nonfiction
6. She Gave Good Sunflower
7. P.25 London
8. Ballad in Urgency
9. Wiser Time
10. Downtown Money Waster
11. Descending
12. Tied Up and Swallowed (bonus track).

(Covers included)

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