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COUNT BASIE / 1957 / At Newport

>>> At Newport. (1957) <<<

Recording live in the Freebody Park, Newport in July 7, 1957.
At the Newport Jazz Festival.

Count Basie & his Orchestra:
Wendell Culley, Joe Newman, Reunald Jones & Thad Jones: trumpets
Henry Coker, Benny Powell & Bill Hugges: trombons
Marshall Royal, Bill Graham, Frank Foster, Frank Wess & Charlie Fowlkes: saxes, flute & clarinets
Count Basie: piano
Freddie Green: guitarra
Ed Jones: contrabass
Sonny Payne: drums
Joe Williams: voice.
Lester Young: tenor sax
Illinois Jacquet: tenor sax
Roy Eldridge: trumpet
Jimmy Rushing: voice
Jo Jones: drums.

1. Introduction by John Hammond
2. Swingin' at Newport
3. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
4. Lester Leaps in
5. Sent for You Yesterday and Here You Come Today
6. Boogie Woogie I May be Wrong
7. Evenin'
8. Blee Blop Blues
9. Alright, Okay, You Win
10. The Comeback
11. Roll 'em Pete
12. Smack Dub in the Middle
13. One O'Clock Jump.

(Covers included)

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