viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

IGGY POP / 1993 / American Caesar

>>> American Caesar. (1993) <<<

Iggy Pop: guitar, vocals
Larry Mullins: drums & percussion
Hal Cragin: bass guitar
Eric Schermerhorn: guitar
Malcolm Burn: guitar, keyboards, harmonica, traffic
Lisa Germano: background vocals (10)
Katell Keineg: background vocals (3)
Henry Rollins: background vocals (2)
Jay Joyce: guitar (3 & 2)
Bill Dillon: atmospheric guitar (3)
Darryl Johnson: percussion (3).

1. Character (I.Pop & E.Schermerhorn)
2. Wild America
3. Mixin' the Colors
4. Jealousy
5. Hate
6. It's Our Love
7. Plastic & Concrete
8. Fuckin' Alone
9. Highway Song
10. Beside You (I.Pop & Steve Jones)
11. Sickness
12. Boogie Boy
13. Perforation Problems
14. Social Life
15. Louie Louie (Richard Berry)
16. Caesar
17. Girls of N.Y.

(Covers included)

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Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for all the great music! Forgive me for pointing out that the guy who wrote LOUIE LOUIE is Richard Berry, not Chuck Berry. Richard reportedly sold the rights to the song (one of the most recorded songs in history) for $50.

emejota dijo...

Ok, my friend. Thanks for the info. I correcting now. And thanks too, for the visit and comment.
Greetings from Canary Islands.