martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

DEEP PURPLE / 1968 / The Book of Taliesyn

>>> The Book of Taliesyn. (1968) <<<

Rod Evans: vocals
Ritchie Blackmore: guitar
Nick Simper: bass & backing vocals
Jon Lord: keyboards & backing vocals
Ian Paice: drums.

1. Listen, Learn, Read On
2. Wring That Neck
3. Kentucky Woman
4. a) Exposition b) We Can Work it Out
5. Shield
6. Anthem
7. River Deep, Mountain High
(bonus tracks):
8. Oh No No No (studio out take)
9. It's All Over (BBC Top Gear session)
10. Hey Bop a Re Bop (BBC Top Gear session)
11. Wring That Neck (BBC Top Gear session)
12. Playground (remixed instr. studio out take).

(Covers included)

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KDNYfm dijo...

Although I had heard the prevousalbum, this is the album that got me hooked on Deep Purple. I was truly amazed when they went back to this and Shades during their recent show in Calgary!
Thanx for sharing.