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THE DOORS / 1968 to 1970 / In Concert

In Concert (1968-70)
>>> CD1 / CD2 <<<
(Link for When the Music's Over (CD1-track 8)
>>> When the Music's Over <<<

Recorded between 1968 and 1970 in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Copenhagen.

Jim Morrison: vocals
Ray Manzarek: organ, keyboard bass, lead vocal (9-CD2)
Robby Krieger: guitar
John Densmore: drums.

Tracks (CD1):
1. House Announcer
2. Who do You Love
Medley (3, 4, 5 & 6):
3. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
4. Backdoor Man
5. Love Hides
6. Five to One
7. Build Me a Woman
8. When the Music's Over
9. Universal Mind
10. Petition the Lord With Prayer
Medley (11 & 12):
11. Dead Cats, Dead Rats
12. Break On Through #2
The Celebration of the Lizard:
13. Lions in the Street
14. Wake Up
15. A Little Game
16. The Hill Dwellers
17. Not to Touch the Earth
18. Names of the Kingdom
19. The Palace of Exile
20. Soul Kitchen.

Tracks (CD2):
1. Roadhouse Blues
2. Gloria
3. Light My Fire (including Graveyard Poem)
4. You Make Me Real
5. Texas Radio & the Big Beat
6. Love Me Two Times
7. Little Red Rooster (featuring John Sebastian on harmonica)
8. Moonlight Drive (including Horse Latitudes)
9. Close to You
10. Unknown Soldier
11. The End.

(Covers included)

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Anónimo dijo...

Primeiramente parabéns pelas postagens do eterno The Doors... mas nesse duplo ao vivo a música 08-When the Music's Over está com problemas. Ouça e depois me diga se estou errado. Parabéns!!!

emejota dijo...

Pues si amigo, ese tema tiene problemas (acabo de comprobarlo). Ahora mismo lo resubo individualmente y dejo el link en el post... ok? Gracias por el aviso y saludos desde Canarias...