lunes, 15 de febrero de 2016

TOTO / 1984 / Isolation

Fergie Frederiksen: vocals
Steve Lukather: guitars & vocals
David Paich: keyboards & vocals
Jeff Porcaro: drums & percussion
Steve Porcaro: keyboards.
Lenny Castro: congas & percussion
Joe Porcaro: percussion
Mike Cotten: synthesizer
Jerry Hey: trumpet
Chuck Findley: trumpet
Tom Scott: saxophone
Tom Kelly, Richard Page & Bobby Kimball: background vocals
Gene Morford: bass vocal
Orchestra arranged by James Newton Howard & David Paich
Conducted by Marty Paich & James Newton Howard
and performed by The London Symphony Orchestra.
Horns arranged by Jerry Hey & Toto.

1. Carmen
2. Lion
3. Stranger in Town
4. Angel Don't Cry
5. How Does it Feel
6. Endless
7. Isolation
8. Mr. Friendly
9. Change of Heart
10. Holyanna.

(Covers includes)

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