miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016

TOTO / 1988 / The Seventh One

Steve Lukather: guitars, vocals
David Paich: keyboards, vocals
Jeff Porcaro: drums, percussion
Mike Porcaro: bass
Joseph Williams: vocals
Tom Scott, Jim Horn, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, James Pankow, Gary Grant & Gary Herbig: Horns
Patti Austi, Linda Ronstadt, Jon Anderson, Tom Kelly: background vocals
Andy Narell: steel drums
David Lindley: lap steel
Michael Fisher, Lenny Castro, Jim Keltner: additional percussion
Bill Payne: additional keyboards.

1. Pamela
2. You Got Me
3. Anna
4. Stop Loving You
5. Mushanga
6. Stay Away
7. Straight for the Heart
8. Only the Children
9. These Chains
10. Home of the Brave.

(Covers includes)

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