martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

DAVID BOWIE / 1975 / Young Americans

David Bowie: guitars, piano, vocals
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Mike Garson: piano
David Sanborn: sax
Willie Weeks: bass
Andy Newmark: drums
Larry Washington: conga
Pablo Rosario: percussion
Ava Cherry, Robin Clark, Luther Vandross: backing vocals.

On Tracks 6 & 8:
David Bowie: vocals & guitar
John Lennon: vocals & guitar
Earl Slick: guitar
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Emir Kassan: bass
Dennis Davis: drums
Ralph McDonald: percussion
Pablo Rosario: percussion
Jean Fineberg, Jean Millington: backing vocals.

1. Young Americans
2. Win
3. Fascination
4. Right
5. Somebody Up There Likes Me
6. Across the Universe
7. Can You Hear Me
8. Fame.

Bonus tracks:
9. Who Can I Be Now?
10. It's Gonna Be Me
11. John, I'm Only Dancing Again.

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