domingo, 26 de junio de 2016

GARY MOORE / 1992 / After Hours

(Re-up / Resubido)

Gary Moore
Tommy Eye: keyboards
Will Lee, Bob Daisley, Johnny B. Gaydon: bass
Graham Walker, Anton Fig: drums
Martin Drover, Frand Mead, Nick Pentelow, Nick Payn & The Memphis Horns (Andrew Love, Wayne Jackson): horns
Carol Kenyon, Linda Taylor: backing vocals
Richard Morgan: oboe
B.B. King & Albert Collins.

1. Cold Day in Hell
2. Don't You Lie to Me (I Get Evil)
3. Story of the Blues
4. Since I Met You Baby
5. Separate Ways
6. Only Fool in Town
7. Key to Love
8. Jumpin' At Shadows
9. The Blues is Alright
10. The Hurt Inside
11. Nothing's the Same.

(Covers includes)

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