miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2016

MACEO PARKER / 1998 / Funkoverload

Maceo Parker
Corey Parker, Fred Wesley, Ron Tooley, Vincent Henry, Bruno Speight, Will Boulware, Jerry Preston, Jamal Thomas, Kara Dio Guardi, Diann Sorrell, "Sweet" Charles Sherrell, Steve Conte, Dawi, JD, Tishi...

1. Maceo's Groove
2. Uptown Up
3. Sing a Simple Song (S. Stewart)
4. Tell Me Something Good (S. Wonder)
5. Elephant's Foot
6. Let's Get it On (M. Gaye/J. Nyx)
7. Youth of the World
8. We're On the Move
9. Inner City Blues (M. Gaye/E. Townsend)
10. Going in Circles
11. Do You Love Me.

(Covers includes)

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