lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016

ALAP JETZER / 1988 / Boundless (Dedicated To Sri Chinmoy)

Alap Jetzer: acoustic-, electric-, octav-, sitar & bass guitar, synthesizer, organ, esraj (bowed indian instrument), irish harp, cymbals, tamboura.

1. Boundless
2. The Sunlith Path
3. Na Pari Tomai (S. Chinmoy)
4. Transcendece Walk 
5. The Fountains (S. Chinmoy)
6. Victory
7. Joy - Ensemble
8. Farewell Song (S. Chinmoy)
9. Sanjher Tarai (S. Chinmoy)
10. There Was a Time (S. Chinmoy)
11. Puma Kariya (S. Chinmoy)
12. Medley (S. Chinmoy)
13. Nil Pakhi Ure Akashe - I Go To God Twice a Day (S. Chinmoy).

(Covers includes)

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