jueves, 18 de enero de 2018

IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS / 1980 / Laughter

Ian Dury: vocals
Dave Payne: saxophones, harmonica, flute
Mickey Gallagher: ivories & synthetics
John Turnbull: guitar, back ups
Wilko Johnson: guitar, back ups
Norman Watt Roy: bass
Charley Charles: drums
Don Cherry: pocket trumpet
Will Gaines: crackpot tap dance
Ray Cooper: percussion
Ivor Raymonde: strings.

1. Sueperman's Big Sister
2. Pardon
3. Delusions of Grandeur
4. Yes 6 No (Paula)
5. Dance of the Crackpots
6. Over the Points
7. Take You Elbow Out ot the Soup You're Sitting On the Chicken
8. Uncoolohol
9. Hey, Hey, Take Me Away
10. Manic Depression (Jimi)
11. Oh Mr. Peanut
12. Fucking Ada.

(Covers includes)

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