domingo, 18 de agosto de 2019

FRANK ZAPPA / 1984 / Them Or Us

1. The Closer You are
2. In France
3. Ya Hozna
4. Sharleena
5. Sinister Footwear II
6. Truck Driver Divorce
7. Stevie's Spanking
8. Baby, Take Your Teeth Out
9. Marque-Son's Chicken
10. Planet of My Dreams
11. Be in My Video
12. Them Or Us
13. Frogs With Dirty Little Lips
14. Whipping Post.

Frank Zappa
Ray White, Ike Willis, Bobby Martin, Tommy Mars, Arthur Barrow, Chad Wackerman, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Moon Zappa, George Duke, Steve Vai, Ed Mann, Scott Thunes, Dweezil Zappa, Thana Harris, Patrick O'Hearn, Brad Cole...

(Covers includes)

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