jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE / 1969 / Volunteers

Recorded at The Wally Heiders, San Francisco, 1969.

Paul Kantner: guitar, vocals
Marty Balin: guitar, vocals
Jorna Kaukonen: lead guitar, vocals
Grace Slick: piano, organ, vocals
Jack Casady: bass, fuzz bass, rhythm guitar
Spencer Dryden: drummer
Nick Hopkins: piano
Steven Stills: hammond organ
Jerry Garcia: pedal steel guitar
Joey Covington: percussion chair
David Crosby: music sailboat
"Ace of Cups" Mary Gannon, Marilyn Hunt, Diane Hursh, Denise Jaewkes: vocals.

1. We Can be Together
2. Good Shepherd
3. The Farm
4. Hey Fredrick
5. Turn My Life Down
6. Wooden Ships
7. Eskimo Blue Day
8. A Song for All Seasons
9. Meadowlands
10. Volunteers

Bonus tracks:
11. Wooden Ships
12. Volunteers
13. We Can be Together
14. Turn My Life Down
15. Good Shepherd
16. Hey Fredrick.

(Covers includes)

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