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DWIGHT YOAKAM / 1995 / Gone

>>> Gone (1995) <<<

Dwight Yoakam: lead & background vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
Pete Anderson: electric guitar, electric sitar, harmonica
Jim Christie: drums
Taras Prodaniuk: bass
Skip Edwards: keyboards, organ, piano, accordion
Scott Joss: fiddle
Dean Parks: acoustic guitar
Tom Brumley: lap steel, pedal steel
Dusty Wakeman: 6 string bass
Tempo: percussion
Lee Thornburg: trumpet & trombone
Lon Price: tenor sax
Gary (Double Dub) White, Steve (Gonna Get a RIV) Moore, Pete Anderson, Dusty Wakeman, Dwight Yoakam: handclaps.
Tommy Funderburk, Beth Anderson, Carl Jackson, Jim Lauderdale, Anthony Crawford, Maxi Anderson, Carmen Twilly, Joy Lynn White, Jim Haas, John Batdorf, The Rembrandts: Phillip Solen & Danny Wilde: background vocal.

1. Sorry You Asked?
2. Near You
3. Don't Be Sad
4. Gone (That'll Be Me)
5. Nothing
6. Never Hold You
7. This Much I Know
8. Baby Why Not
9. One More Night
10. Heart of Stone.

(Covers includes)

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